Don Trunk - TNN (The New Normal) Album Trailer

Thanks to COVID-19 giving the world nothing but stress, For the First 30 days of Quarantine, Don Trunk decided to take action and produce an Quarantine album with some amazing artist, musicians and producers from Around the world. He spent hours on facetime motivating Everyone to stay in their home studios and created music with him about life as we know it right now as we were all forced into lockdown by our governments! This album talks about social distancing, rumors, social media, dealing with depression, being their for your loved ones and learning how to deal with everyday life during this worldwide Lockdown. PLEASE Prepare yourself, THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL! Special Thanks to everyone who took time out their schedules to help Don Trunk produce this album and share their real life stories as we all deal with this worldwide Epidemic! May God have mercy on us all during this time! Viewer Discretion is advised. This is our real life people, please be safe out here and protect your love ones by staying in the house. Album available on all major platforms on May 2nd. If you would like to support all the artist, musicians and producers that work on the album, please preorder the album and pay the full price of the album because right now we all need it and would to earn an honest living off our music since we cannot go outside, play in clubs, run our recording studios or sell albums out of trunk face to face to actual human beings. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for watching, sharing and listening to us all!

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